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Medicare Plan Options

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    St. Joseph Medicare Insurance

    Medicare beneficiaries in St. Joseph have access to a variety of health insurance plans, including Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans, and Medicare Supplement plans (Medigap).

    According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), as of January 2021, there were over 11,000 Medicare beneficiaries in Buchanan County, where St. Joseph is located. Of those beneficiaries, approximately 54% were enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans, while the remaining 46% were enrolled in Original Medicare.

    Residents of St. Joseph have access to a number of health insurance carriers that offer Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans.

    The top carriers offering Medicare Advantage plans in Missouri include Humana, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Missouri, Aetna, and UnitedHealthcare. Meanwhile, the top carriers offering Medicare Supplement plans include Aetna, Mutual of Omaha, Cigna, and UnitedHealthcare.

    Overall, Medicare beneficiaries in St. Joseph have a variety of options when it comes to selecting a health insurance plan. It's important to review the different plans available and compare costs, coverage, and provider networks before selecting a plan that best fits your healthcare needs and budget.