medicare increases ahead

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Wondering what the Medicare 2022 costs will be?  Well the Board of Trustees annual Medicare report is out and although this can change, here is what the estimates are.

Part B - 2022 

Medicare Part B standard premium for 2022 is expected to be $158.50/month ($148.50 for 2021).  The Medicare 2022 part B yearly deductibe is expected to increase $14 to $217.

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Part D - 2022

The Medicare 2022 Part D deductible is also expected to increase.  Currently the yearly deductible is set at $445 and expected to rise to $480.  

The Medicare Part D average premiums will also be increasing 4.9% for 2022.  Information on the Medicare Part D 2022 plans will be available October 1. 


As usual, costs are going up with Medicare 2022 costs going up higher than most years.  As we see information about the other costs, we will update and have ready.  The full changes to Medicare deductibles, co-payments, and premiums typically are not out until Mid to late November.

Part A - 2022

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