Kansas City Medicare Workshops

Anyone who will be Medicare eligible in the next 8 months can benefit from a Medicare workshop. Choosing the right workshop will determine the level of the benefit. As with anything in life, acquiring better information about a subject will allow for better decisions. Medicare is even more so, as decisions can affect you for the rest of your life.

We feel that after someone attends a workshop, if needed, they should be able to enroll in Medicare and pick the right plan based on their specific needs and costs. Unfortunately, we have been contacted by numerous folks who have been to a Medicare workshop only to be more confused than before. Even worse, some have reported that the Medicare workshop was just a Financial products company trying to gain access to sell retirement products. There are even blogs on the internet that describe to Financial Planners how to use the publics’ need for Medicare information to build a potential client data base. While Financial Planners are needed for many people, we believe it is difficult to master multiple complex subjects at once and keep the individuals’ best interest at the forefront all the time. I do not intend to impugn the reputations of Financial Planners or anyone who attempts to perform advisory roles for financial products and Medicare. I just understand human nature.

If someone gets paid $5,000 to mow your yard and another $300 to weed your garden, which job is going to take preference and receive most of their attention? Now assume that person is going to provide an educational seminar on weed pulling, how much time and effort will they put into research of how to kill specific weeds, what is the best time to spray, how often should they pull weeds, what really isn’t a weed, etc.

Our future Medicare recipients don’t need to be read verbatim, what they are being mailed 500 times a week by Insurance companies trying to sign them up for their Medicare plan. They need to understand how it works; they need to go under the hood to see what is what and understand any potential issues. Our most difficult yet rewarding conversation, is when a client asks, “How come they didn’t explain that?” or “Why didn’t my Agent tell me that?”. While we do not know the exact answer, we politely explain that they probably were not aware, didn’t have access, or simply overlooked it due to more important priorities.

You deserve to have your Medicare taken as the top priority; you also deserve to have the full panoramic view of the Medicare landscape before jumping in head first. Here is a list of things you will know when you walk out of The Ultimate Medicare Workshop that you will not know if you attend another workshop.

  • How to read market analytics to help decide on a Medicare Supplement carrier
  • How to perform your own Prescription plan search if needed
  • How to read your drug plan quote
  • How to properly supplement a Medicare Advantage plan
  • How to lower prescription costs
  • A blue print for easy Medicare enrollment

The Ultimate Medicare Workshop is FREE, it is an educational event with no sales activity or commitment pressure. So, find the next Kansas City Medicare workshop close to you and come get your Medicare education and feel confident when the time comes to enroll.